BABTAC (The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)


Services used: Overall Business Transformation, Coaching, Targeting New Customers, Retaining Customers, Customer Winback, Website, Reputation Management & Public Relations (National, Trade & Consumer), Events, Awards, Magazine, Design & Print day-to-day support

Profile: A professional association representing UK beauty and spa therapists

Relationships: Working together for five years, alongside their in-house marketing team

Support by apt:

BABTAC work hard to represent UK therapists, and wanted to grow as an organisation so that they could acheive more. We started working with them to spread the word and encourage more therapists to join the organisation.

Our responsibilities included:

  • Rebranding the company to make it industry relevant
  • Making sure the membership offering was appropriate for therapists and is good value for them
  • Developing new levels of membership including a Corporate membership to work with more industry businesses, and help increase company income
  • Managing the development of in-house technical platforms including an online application and renewal portal
  • Gaining more customers by winning back lost members through a targeted winback campaign
  • Managing and maintaining industry and consumer specific PR
  • Research, collation, writing and production of a response submission to a Government Consultation into the regulation of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Interventions; resulting responsibilities included formal statements on Live Television, representation at Westminster on a number of occasions and at The Welsh Government and establishment of the client as ‘Voice of the Industry’

Key results:

  • 65% more members (customers) in three years; 75% more in five
  • Improved member (customer) loyalty from 65%-85% each year
  • 497% return on investment for a winback programme delivering £90,000 in year one from returning customers; rising to 1,633% ROI and circa £100,000 in year two
  • Company rebrand which has re-established the prestige of the company and made it instantly recognisable
  • Submission of a 22 page response to a key Government review with six further face-to-face representations; in addition, management of the ongoing consumer and trade PR for the topic. This is still ongoing, but as a direct result of the submission by BABTAC and the continued representation, changed the course of the proposed legislation away from a ban on specific professionals, to support for cross-profession training paths.
  • Outsourcing of the magazine, increasing immediate advertising spend from circa. £5,000 per issue to circa £15,000 per issue in year one, making the magazine cost-neutral by year three at £33,000 per issue with profitability in the pipeline.


"When I started my role at BABTAC the brand was dated and perceived as old-fashioned and the company was experiencing steadily declining membership. apt identified the positioning of the BABTAC brand, the job it had to do and the all- important target audience before preparing a number of concepts for us. These included the brand, keywords, colour palettes, potential straplines and collateral examples. The process was incredibly fast (just 3 months) and we were really pleased with the results; since our rebrand we have seen an unprecedented growth. apt are easy to work with, offering a unique service with a true understanding of our strategies, remaining focused and respectful of our in house expertise."

Julie Speed, Director of Operations, BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) and CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)



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