Indulging your existing clients...

Looking after your existing clients and ensuring their loyalty to retain their business, is crucial to maximising the potential of your business, and ensuring that your new client strategy doesn't go to waste. Existing clients who are well looked after are likely to spend more, try new things (treatments or product ranges), recommend you to others and stay with your for years.

Loyalty is about more than just a loyalty card; it is about providing relevant incentives to existing customers, and asking them what they want and need from you. Whether you are a product house, hoping to retain your existing stockists while also attracting new, or a local salon working with an established client base, we can devise, test and implement appropriate loyalty initiatives that retain your clients and wherever possible, encourage them to spend more with you.

Any loyalty strategy will be bespoke to your business, but will use appropriate plaforms, including loyalty vouchers or cards, email marketing, direct mail to social media, keeping your client base engaged. Whatever we do, it will be more than just a stamp and redeem card, instead drawing on your existing sales data, to identify upsell potential and full retention strategies.

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